Set up Slate Super with your Employer

Below are the details of Slate Super to provide to your employer.

Fund name: Simple Choice Super
Fund phone number: 02 8074 1772
Fund address: PO Box R1979, Royal Exchange, NSW 1225
Australian Business Number (ABN): 32 367 272 075
Unique Superannuation Identifier (USI): 32 367 272 075 001

You can find your member number by downloading our app.

Through our app 

Just download the Slate Super app if you haven’t already and log in using your mobile number. Scroll down to the bottom of your home page, tap on Add employer and follow the prompts. Simple as that!

You can also use the app to send a copy of the pre-filled Standard Choice Form to yourself and hand over to your employer whenever you’re ready.

Give your employer a Standard Choice Form

If you prefer, you can download a blank Standard Choice Form below and fill in your member name and member number manually. You can find these details on most emails we send you. Just forward the completed form to your employer electronically (or hand over a printed copy when you’re ready), to let them know your choice of fund.

Let us help

If the above options don’t suit your specific needs, contact us and our Member Advocacy team can help you sort out the rest.