Super, the Slate way

At Slate, your superannuation experience starts with our advanced mobile app. Designed with usability and function at its core, it’s the one and only place to interact with (and get the most out of!) your super account.

  • New members can apply for standard life and TPD insurance cover in just a few taps
  • Receive smart prompts and alerts to help you stay on track, like when your super is paid by your employer, or a contribution is missed or late
  • Check your balance, recent transactions and member details
  • Seamlessly notify your employer where to pay your super if you change jobs, all from inside the app in a few simple steps

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Manage your money

Track your super contributions

Missing an expected payment? Resolve from the app

Add employers in seconds

Have multiple employers? Add them to your account

Exercise choice of fund

Send a standard choice form to your new job in seconds

Don’t just take our word for it