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We believe technology can do some things better than people. That’s why we created a modern, mobile-first superannuation fund, to help you reach your financial goals faster.

Slate Super Fund Details

  • Fund name: Slate Super 
  • Fund ABN: 32 367 272 075
  • Fund USI (SPIN): 32 367 272 075 001
  • Fund address: PO Box R1979, Royal Exchange NSW 1225
  • Fund contact number: (02) 8074 1772

Modern super built by humans, powered by technology

Super doesn’t have to be complicated. But it can be smarter, easier, and more personalised than ever before.


4 lifestage investment options that evolve with you


Visualise your path to retirement with our mobile app


Speak to a real person at the fund when you need help

The Slate experience

Understand your path to retirement

Use our personalised model to visualise how much money you’re set to have in retirement

Smart alerts on autopilot

We’ll alert you when you get paid, your employer misses a payment, or your investment mix changes

Take Slate from job to job

Send your Slate Super account details to a new employer, so you can easily keep your super all in one place

This time, it’s personal

It’s time for superannuation that just works. Everything we do is about making the complex simple, straightforward, and all about you.

55% of Aussies worry they won’t save enough for retirement

Retirement may not be around the corner for everyone, but the stress is real. Being able to finance retirement is the main concern for 55% of us, and 48% worry about providing for their family’s future. With Slate, you can visualise your path to retirement, and take steps to optimise for your retirement goals.


Competitive fees, and total transparency

We work hard every day to keep your fees as low as possible, so you can save more for retirement. We don’t automatically charge you insurance fees either—we let you decide if insurance through super is right for you.

Don’t just take our word for it… What our 75,000+ members say

The important stuff

 Here you’ll find links to legal documents, reports and forms.

ABN: 32 367 272 075
USI: 32 367 272 075 001

Simple Choice Super is a sub-plan of Grosvenor Pirie Master Superannuation Fund – Series 2, which is marketed under two brands – Simple Choice Super and Slate Super.

Forms & documents

Regulatory disclosures