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Get more from your money

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At Slate, we believe in empowering everyone to pursue financial success. And it doesn’t matter how much you earn—saving money can be challenging and surprise expenses can happen to anyone. The truth is, 46% of Australians could be living pay day to pay day, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only highlighted this reality for so many of us.

Save on car expenses

Lower your taxes with salary packaging solutions like novated car leasing

Get paid when you need it

A safety net to help bridge the gap if you’re in a tight spot

Protect your earnings

Be prepared for the unexpected with income protection insurance

Salary package your car and save

With wage growth slumping to the lowest in 23 years, many Aussies are struggling to keep up with the increasing cost of living. If eligible, you could give yourself a different kind of pay rise, by lowering your tax and saving money on one of your biggest expenses—your car. 

Also known as novated leasing, car salary packaging through your workplace allows you to use your pre-tax salary to pay for your vehicleand all its associated running costs—potentially saving you up to thousands in tax every year.

More control during emergencies

It happens to many of us—an unexpected expense pops up, but pay day is still a few days out, and you’re short on cash. To cover these costs, Aussies have often turned to short-term fixes. 1 in 4 seek financial help from family and friends, 13% turn to a personal loan, and 1 in 8 have to put it on a credit card, and run the risk of snowballing the debt.

We want to give you more control when it comes to these unpredictable moments. That’s why we’re building a smart platform to help you access wages you’ve already earned or will earn soon—so you can use your own money when you need it most, with no hidden fees or interest.

Prepare for the unexpected

How long could you live off your savings if you have to stop working in event of injury or illness? Startlingly, 16% of Australians could only survive a week, and only 1 in 3 say they could last 4 months or more.

That’s where income protection insurance could come in handy to keep the money flowing, or cover your bills if the unexpected ever happens. We’re working on a product that’s affordable and easily accessible through your workplace.

Here’s to better paydays

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